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The story of Rich & Lex begins in 1997. two friends, Richard Brocklyn and Lexington Metropolitan, were virtually inseparable. The old adage, “opposites attract” holds true in their friendship. Richard, a self proclaimed minimalist, enjoys the simple things in life. Lexington, the more copious of the two, enjoys life’s intricacies and details.

Richard likes solid colors (preferably black), going to the movies, and rocks. Lexington enjoys Victorian prints, reading books, and plants. They enjoy sharing perspectives and opposing views, laughing, and arguing, etc. Growing up, life sent Richard and Lexington in different directions. Richard remained in his hometown to work on his career, while Lexington went away to school.


Fast forward several years later, Richard is ready to purchase his first home. Lexington is progressing steadily in his career after graduation and is also ready to buy his first home. Coincidentally, Richard and Lexington wind up in the same neighborhood looking for their dream homes. After reuniting, these two childhood friends, now neighbors, seek each others’ assistance in furnishing and designing their homes, however, there’s one dilemma; Richard and Lexington disagree on EVERYTHING! Richard disagrees with Lexington’s elaborate and layered flair and Lexington disagrees

with Richard’s rigid design. Every shop they visit lacks the quality, value, or style that fits their tastes.


With this inspirational need, Rich & LEX is created. Will Richard and Lexington ever find a style that fits their homes?! Who will help Richard and Lexington find their flair?! Stay connected and find out. Meanwhile, find your fab at

Rich & LEX…


Our Story



Rich & LEX, founded in 2015, is an

e-commerce site curated with classic & modern

goods for the rich at heart. Our site offers access to

Home Decor, Bedding, Furniture, Art, Electronics,

Small Appliances, & more.


Love quality,

great value, & style? Find your fab at





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