Colorful set of food storage containers that enlightens your kitchen and your own mood whenever you walk in! They are eco-friendly that you can reuse them as many times as you want while helping to extend the life of your fruits, vegetables, cheese, and more. They can be stack for easy storage and can be used in the microwave. Freezer safe and Dishwasher safe. Colors range from Pink, Blue, Green, Yellow, and Orange. The sizes of the containers are 78 oz (Orange), 51 oz (Yellow), 31 oz (Green), 17 oz (Blue), and 10 oz (Pink). Prop 65

Extends the food of your fruits, veggies, and more
Colorful that it enhances your mood and your kitchen
Stackable for easy storage and can be used in the microwave
Freezer Safe and Dishwasher Safe
Sizes: 10 oz (Pink), 17 oz (Blue), 31 oz (Green), 51 oz (Yellow), and 78 oz (Orange)

(10) PCS Always Fresh Plastic Containers

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